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Venture Mirror about Urban Quest

· Urban Quest

After launching Urban Quest on Product Hunt, we gained an interest and attention of several publishers, and we have the first article from Venture Mirror about Urban Quest:

"Travelling is one of the most adventurous things that people tend to do many times round the year. However, whenever any travel plan is made, it’s either one or two common places frequently visited. However, for those that want to spice up their travelling experience and add some “quests” to their journey, then Urban Quest can facilitate that request of yours exponentially. 

Urban Quest is a platform that lets users discover new and unknown places in and around their locations. It’s more of a Sherlock Holmes kind of situation where you have to guess that place and then travel the area to figure out what the application is trying to say. It’s all fun and games as it lets you see the parts of the city or town that you might have missed out on. Urban Quest also lets you create your quests as per your requirements. Speaking with Polina Rant, the project manager at Urban Quest, Venture Mirror grasped a lot about the company and its functioning. To learn more, brief excerpts from the conversation are provided below."