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Let's take a look at our projects

KeepPet, SpotPet, and Urban Quest overview

· Urban Quest,KeepPet,SpotPet

Since January, we have created and achieved excellent results that we are eager to share with you: new users and authors, feature development and team growth, new opportunities, and challenges.

Let's start with the KeepPet project. While SpotPet is growing organically and has already gained more than 6.7K users, the KeepPet app is undergoing a significant upgrade that will delight its existing and future users. We are implementing a KeepPet Academy - resources that will help pet owners to gain knowledge about their pet's health and behavior and become more responsible pet parents. 

Urban Quest has achieved a significant milestone with 100 quests worldwide. The project is not just an app but a community of thousands of quest lovers and dozens of authors in 30 cities located in 16 countries.

And as our projects are growing, our team is growing with them: we are switching from outsourced developers to the in-house team to ensure prompt and high-quality development of our projects. If you like creating something unique and you're not afraid of challenging tasks - send our CV to