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Urban Quest opportunities

· Urban Quest

What opportunities does Urban Quest provide?

First of all, Urban Quest promote an active lifestyle. Quests make people wiggle their convolutions or take a walk in the fresh air, or maybe all together.

Secondly, Urban Quest allows authors of quests to publish on our platform and be noticed.

How and why it's so cool to use Urban Quest if you are an author:

1. Share interesting places in your favorite city.

Do you know interesting places and want more people to hear about them? It's simple - tell about it in the quest.

2. Create a quest for the company.

Is there an event planned? Need to come up with interesting activities? Birthday, corporate, meeting of classmates? The quest is a great option for this event. The quest can always be made private and shared only with people you want.

3. Use Urban Quest as an educational platform.

On Urban Quest platform, people can create both types of quest: street and home quests, that can be completed regardless of where you are. If you want to present educational material to people in a more interesting form, and also test your knowledge through the game, then Urban Quest gives you such an opportunity.

Urban Quest team is always looking forward to new authors and their ideas.