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Our projects starting points in 2021

Let's see how KeepPet, SpotPet and Urban Quest is doing

· Urban Quest,KeepPet,SpotPet

Instead of wrapping up the year 2020, we want to show our startups' starting points in 2021.


KeepPet, with 5.3K downloads, is expanding in California, the USA, with online veterinary services and implements new features to make the app more convenient, user and pet friendly, and cover more pet-related services needed by pet owners worldwide.

KeepPet app in 2020 users growth

SpotPet entertains more and more pet parents allowing them to discover new friends, pet-friendly places, and other essential services nearby. This year SpotPet app achieved 5.6K downloads with only organic traffic and the help of its users.

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Urban Quest

Urban Quest continues to involve creators worldwide to help locals discover hidden gems and promote home quests that allow you to learn the history and find other interesting topics. With 3.5K downloads, 770 registered authors, Urban Quest covers 18 cities in 14 countries.

Urban Quest app users growth in 2020

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