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Urban Quest App has more than 1k quests


· Urban Quest

Urban Quest has more than 1000 quests around the globe: the project covers 35 cities in 16 countries with 150 city adventures available for everyone. Many quests were created for fun and memorable moments: to arrange a secret engagement or a birthday party, to make an unforgettable experience for kids and an unexpected, delightful day for adults, and to make the team building a real opportunity to bond with colleagues.

The quests are specially designed to give you a taste of the city's history and architecture as well as to educate you about its culture and lifestyle. You can also enjoy the views and sense the city's vibe while being a part of it: that is the best way to explore and get to know it!

Urban Quest is a project that unites people around the world. It is a project that promotes the values of friendship and unity by focusing on local traditions and attracting people from different countries to work together to achieve common goals. Become a citizen of the world by participating in the Urban Quest project!