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KeepPet Wins the 2023 Pet Products and Services Awards for Best Online Pet Care Solution Provider in California!

We are thrilled to announce that our app, KeepPet, has been honored with the prestigious Best Online Pet Care Solution Provider Award in California in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2023 by LUXlife Magazine! KeepPet is a unique application specifically designed to offer pet owners top-notch services for their beloved animals.

The KeepPet app serves as a comprehensive solution, catering to all pet care needs, ranging from pet passport and academy to veterinary advice and more. We take great pride in the fact that the vision behind KeepPet has been acknowledged and awarded by LUXlife Magazine as the leading online pet care solution provider in California.

With KeepPet, pet owners can rest assured that their beloved companions are receiving top-notch care. The KeepPet application delivers a personalized experience, catering to the unique needs of each pet. Whether it's virtual consultations with veterinarians or regular news updates and industry-specific care tips, the dedicated KeepPet team strives to exceed pet owners' expectations.

Winning the esteemed Best Online Pet Care Solution Provider Award from LUXlife Magazine serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of the KeepPet team in delivering outstanding services to pet owners and their cherished companions.