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KeepPet Academy

A super useful digest for pet owners

· KeepPet

We are constantly working on new features in our projects, and KeepPet is not an exception. 

We started collaborating with exceptional pet specialists: veterinarians, pet trainers, nutritionists, to deliver the latest and most reliable information to pet owners, and we have released a fruit of this collaboration - a KeepPet Academy. It's a trusted source of pet care information with vet-authored articles about pet health and well-being, pet behavior and training, pet-friendly places, new products, and advice and information from KeepPet veterinarians.

And we are happy to report that the first issue of the KeepPet Academy is here! 

KeepPet Academy is a monthly digest where vets publish a valuable information for pet owners about pet health, latest news and useful tips.

We are thrilled to present a KeepPet Academy that starts as a monthly digest with helpful advice from our veterinary experts, available to all subscription holders in the new version. Our veterinarians have prepared the most valuable facts about your pets and tricks about caring for them. 

In the first issue we have talked with Dr. Hannah Godfrey about Post-pandemic life for pets, separation anxiety and how to recognize it and how to deal with it, how to help separation anxiety in cats and how to train dogs. We have also included useful tips for pet owners and featured an adorable model of the month.

How to get a free copy of the first issue? Just register in the KeepPet app with your email, and wait for the Academy to be delivered to your inbox.