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How to become an Urban Quest Author?

· Urban Quest

Do you like traveling and solving puzzles, but want to become a part of Urban Quest project?

Here are a few simple steps to become a Quest Author.

1. Decide on the type of quest you want to create (street or home quests, remember that you can create a quest about anything: about city, book, movie, game).

2. Send us a letter and tell us about the idea you came up with for the quest (use any social network or mail to communicate with us).

3. We will sign a contract and send all the necessary materials to help you write the quest.

4. When you finish writing the quest, send it to us by mail and wait for the quest to be checked (moderation can take up to 14 days).

5.When the quest is approved and published, you will receive a reward.

We are looking forward to your letters with ideas!

Learn more about becoming an Urban Quest Author here.